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The Return of Group Classes! Online Booking Coming Soon!

So far, so good — paying with credit and debit cards is now enabled (though with a small fee, because Square charges for the convenience), and by the end of the month at latest I will have a website where you can book lessons directly (testing now to make sure all goes as planned – none of the services I’ve played with fit my needs 100%, but Square seems to be the best fit for working multiple locations without a ridiculous amount of overhead). Also, STARTING AUGUST 19TH, I will be returning to running group lessons! Classes will charge $20 and be bookable online (if all goes well, very soon). What is currently up in the air is whether you would all prefer said classes to be in person, online, or both. I can accomodate the latter if I run internet to my studio. Let me know if you have a solid preference, and I will be polling existing clients over the next two weeks. Stay cool and shady if you can!

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